VG based nicotine is one of the most commonly sought-after types of products on the market today. If you are a product manufacturer and you need a high-quality source of nicotine, you may want to consider this specific type. You will find that it can provide you with the very specific elements that can help to take your product to the next level. Take a minute to learn more about what this product is, how it works, and why it may be the best option for your specific needs.

What You Need to Know About Your Nicotine

VG based nicotine is vegetable glycerin based nicotine. Vegetable glycerin is a plant-based derivative that comes from palm oil. There are several key reasons why you may want to choose this product over the others on the market. One reason for this is that it is Kosher. That means it may fit a larger audience. Another reason is that it is USP certified. As a result, it is ready to be added to your product without a lot of difficulties. It is a viscous liquid, and as such, it creates a thick cloud of vapor when it is being used, such as being used in vaping. This can be one of the best results for today’s discerning customer.

VG based nicotine has other benefits as well. It has a light and sweet taste to it, which helps make it more desirable for a larger audience. In addition to this, it can work very well because of how basic it is, allowing you to use it for more purposes.

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