byAlma Abell

Being out on the water is certainly exciting, but before you can enjoy the waves, you first have actually to get to the water. That’s the purpose of a boat transport trailer. A wide range of boat transport trailers for sale can safely and effectively get your boat to your favorite spot on the lake or ocean.

Gold Star SeriesThe Gold Star Series trailers are ideal for those who enjoy using sailboats and power boats. These trailers are designed to hold boats as heavy as 32,000 pounds and are popular because they are highly efficient and smooth. With this type of trailer, you can enjoy an unparalleled cloud-like ride along with easy off-loading and loading. This trailer is said to be effortless to use for even the laziest of men.

Other SeriesIf you are looking for a trailer to use on the highway or in the yard, then an HPT Series trailer is ideal for your sailboat or powerboat. Like the Gold Star Series trailers, these trailers hold up to 32,000 pounds, and the come with fifth-wheel, ball and pintle hitch designs. Your trailer also has hydraulic arms that are adjustable along with outside wheels and an open center.

HST Series trailers are ideal for boats that are up to 30,000 pounds. These versatile trailers are completely submersible and can also be used in the yard or on the highway. A perk of this type of trailer is that you can remotely control eight hydraulic functions. This is touted as an excellent multi-purpose trailer for any boat.

Additional Series OptionsThe HSTA Series trailer stands out for being able to hold up to 32,000 pounds and for being perfect for ramp use. It is also idea for road use since it has a low profile due to the position of its air suspension system outboard of the frame. Also, an HHT Series trailer, which is easy to use on the road or in the yard, can hold up to a whopping 60,000 pounds. The experts at a reputable provider of boat transport trailers for sale can guide you in choosing the best product for your needs.

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