By Bello Gbenga

Although there may not be scientific proof that says it’s true, many hemorrhoid victims that have used coconut oil actually testify to the efficacy of this remedy. First, what is coconut oil? It’s the fat we get from the flesh of coconuts. It’s about 85% saturated fat and it is also considered to be one of the more stable cooking oils.

So, why might coconut oil be a good natural hemorrhoid cure?

One major reason is that it contains a lot of nutrients that are good for the body:

1 – It contains healthy fat with a high and good HDL/ADL ratio when consumed.

2 – It’s a whole food with strong antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial qualities.

3 – Coconut oil is a naturally occurring vegan food source. The reason is its saturated fat contains one of the highest concentrations (62%) of saturated medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), a special class of fatty acids. These MCTs behave like carbohydrates in the body, which means they’re more easily digested and absorbed. The body uses these fats as energy rather than storing them as body fat.

4 – Most importantly, the high concentration of saturated medium chained triglycerides in virgin coconut oil is made up of nearly 50% lauric acid, the critical essential fatty acid needed to build and maintain our body’s immune system. Mother’s milk is the only other source of such high concentrations of lauric acid. This natural immune boosting property helps it to combat diseases like piles.

What are the other benefits of virgin coconut oil?


People that consume coconut oil stand to gain these other benefits:

– It prevents constipation.

– It helps to reduce excessive body weight as it increases the rate of metabolism in the body.

– It has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

– It attacks yeast infections.

– It gives readily available energy.

– It helps to fight urinary tract infections.

– It aids digestion.

– It helps to maintain normal glucose levels in diabetics.

– It aids healing by repairing damaged tissue more quickly.

– It aids the thyroid gland in regulating metabolism.

You must note however that these benefits derive from consuming virgin coconut oils, not hydrogenated. It’s critical to remember this difference. Hydrogenated forms are no different from other highly saturated fats that produce trans fat. They are harmful to the body.

How do you apply coconut oil as a natural hemorrhoid cure

Coconut oil (virgin is still preferred) is effective as a natural hemorrhoid cure when applied topically.

– First, clean the affected area, you can also apply witch hazel applied to a cotton ball to dry the area better.

– Then, apply generous amounts of the coconut oil to completely cover your inflamed hemorrhoid swellings and the affected area at least twice daily for at least 3 days.

– Also, every time after you move your bowels (or at least twice daily), reapply the coconut oil to make sure the area is covered. You should see substantial shrinking (if not the disappearance) of your hemorrhoids within the 3 days.

So, are there some other natural simple hemorrhoid treatments that you can use to treat your symptoms?

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