byAlma Abell

A personal injury case is a legal disagreement that takes place when someone gets injured in an accident that they believe the other person involved should be liable for. This can be an automobile accident, a faulty product, falling at work, or falling while walking through a store. Getting injured somewhere other than your home can be defined as a personal injury if you believe there is something that could have been done to prevent that injury from occurring.

After you file a claim, you are going to need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Pasadena. Your case will be handled one of two ways. The first is through an informal settlement and the second is through a formal lawsuit. Most of the time personal injury cases can be resolved through an informal settlement. The only reasons why the issue would not be resolves is if the other person believes they did not cause the accident or you do not like the amount of money they are offering to give you.

An informal settlement is just where you, your lawyer, the defendant, and the defendant’s lawyer will sit down to discuss the cause. They will be made aware of your injuries, time you missed from work, and any repair costs if the accident happened in your automobile. Then, they will have the opportunity to offer you an amount of money as compensation for everything you’ve went through. Your have a chance to counter offer and the process will repeat until you either come to an agreement or decide you are not going to be able to come to an agreement.

A formal lawsuit is not very common when it comes to personal injury cases, but it does happen. When your personal injury case goes to court, you are going to have to convince a judge and possibly even a jury that the accident was not your fault. Then, you are going to need to justify why you need the money you are asking for. It is at this point in time when it is beneficial to have a lawyer such as Jack J. Schmerling, Attorney at Law. A Personal Injury Attorney in Pasadena is going to know what the judge and jury want to hear and how to present the best case possible.