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Curvature of the penis can affect men of any age or race. Penile curvature occurs anywhere along the penis shaft, causing the penis to curve downward or lateral.

Curvature of the penis can affect men of any age or race. Penile curvature occurs anywhere along the penis shaft, causing the penis to curve downward or lateral. Curvature to the left or right is caused by a difference in the lengths of the differing parts of the penis not matching, known as disparity. This causes the penis to curve towards the shorter side. Curvature of the penis is, unfortunately, common among men and can have a devastating effect on their lives. Penis curvature can affect so simple a task as urinating. Curvature necessitates abnormal bending during urination, constricting the urethra and making urination painful. In addition, penile curvature can be ascetically embarrassing. Men suffering from this condition hide their appearance. This fosters feelings of low self -worth and depression. Curvature of the penis can also lead to painful or unsuccessful sexual intercourse. The inability to perform without pain causes anticipatory pain, leading to erectile dysfunction. While the normal shape of the penis is conducive to sexual intercourse, curvature of the penis can affect the female partner in two ways. First, curvature of the penis redirects the thrust of a man?s penis, which can prevent female arousal and orgasm by missing the female g-spot. Secondly, curvature of the penis can allow the penis to strike areas rather painful, such as the vaginal wall leading to the bladder causing extreme discomfort. The interference and separation of normal sexual relations can and will affect healthy relationships. Sufferers of penis curvature are, in essence, forced to hide this condition. Hiding the condition forces them to hide themselves.

Peyronies Disease is a disorder affecting up to 10% of the male population. Peyronies Disease is a connective tissue disorder. Due to the higher rate of cases among related males, it is believed Peyronies Disease may be inherited. Alternatively, it has also been documented on occasion that trauma to the penis, from rough sex or injury, will cause Peyronies.  Peyronies Disease is characterized by scar tissue that forms in the elastic covering of the penis. These scars cause curvature, loss of girth and width, as well as erectile dysfunction. Multiple scars can prevent sufferers from fully expanding their penis. This causes many types of distortions along the penis, as well as pain. Peyronies Disease can strike any age or race, but is most common in Caucasian males over the age of forty. Sufferers can find sexual intercourse so painful they negate the act. Severe forms make intercourse impossible, as the penis has doubled back onto itself. This disease can also prevent the penis from trapping blood, causing impotence.


Peyronies Disease, unlike curvature of the penis, is characterized by scarring. Peyronie’s sufferers have flat and benign scars, known as plaques, that form anywhere along the penile shaft. These scars can cause indentations, some appearing as flat disks, along the penis shaft. This can give an hour-glass shape to the penis, unlike penile curvature which causes no indentations or flat disk scarring to the penile shaft. Peyronies Disease is also characterized due to the multiple areas affected by the diseases? chronic nature. Peyronies can affect sufferer?s hands, as well as feet, unlike sufferers of penis curvature.

Both penile curvature and Peyronies disease sufferers share the frustration of erectile dysfunction, pain and lack of physical intimacy. However, a new device on the market may offer hope for such devastating conditions.

Penis extender devices have been found to correct penis curvature. The Quick Extender Pro, the highest rated penis curvature correction device worldwide, has developed a penis extender that has satisfied thousands. This penis traction device offers a solution to sufferers of penis curvature as well as those having Peyronie’s Disease. The Quick Extender Pro penis traction device is a device that offers penis stretching through consistent yet gentle tension. Through dedicated research, the new DSS? system features two medical grade silicon tubes to secure the penis shaft and head. This will result in a controlled tension and leaves no chance of slippage, which is a major issue shared by existing penis extender systems.

The Quick Extender Pro penis extender is worn daily. Penile traction is easily adjusted. Consistent penis stretching forms microscopic tears along the shaft of your penis. These painless tears cue your body to begin the healing process. As muscle builders increase their muscle size through breakdown and renewal, so too does the penis traction device. New tissues form along these microscopic tears, re-building and straighten your penis. Such tissue growth leads to penis enlargement as well as correction of penis curvature. In addition, scarring from Peyronie’s disease can be corrected through the formation of new tissue along scar areas. Penile traction also opens up blood flow, a previous condition of Peyronie’s disease. The penis is afforded new and healthy cells, rebuilding along the microscopic tears. New growth is easily seen through penis enlargement. Sufferers of such painful conditions as penis curvature and Peyronies disease are afforded new and improved confidence, enhanced sexual performance, and the ability to enjoy healthy physical intimacy.

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