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By Jesse Akre

You have probably seen or used them at some point. Self-closing hinges are a great way to make sure a door stays shut when not in use. Instead of being like a regular door hinge that has to be pushed shut, self-closing hinges automatically do the job for you, closing the door once you let go. Think of when you are preparing a meal. You are grabbing all the ingredients in your hands, and without a hand to spare lean against the cabinet doors to make sure they are shut. With self-closing hinges, you can avoid that and just let the doors close themselves.

While you can’t always get a door with self-closing hinges, changing your doors to have them is not a major job. When you are thinking of making a few changes to the hardware, you may want to go ahead and take steps to not only make them look different, but also be more convenient with self-closing hinges.

While they may work differently, installing self-closing hinges is not too much different than putting in regular hinges. For the most part they look a lot like regular hinges. They have two pieces of hinge that are connected with a metal pin like normal hinges. But on top of that they have a spring mounting. That means after the door is opened, the spring kicks in and does its part, pulling the door shut again.


If you have a home with animals that you like to keep out of things, or small children who don’t need to be crawling into cabinets, self-closing hinges are a good idea. It only takes one time of you forgetting to close a traditional cabinet for the dog or baby to crawl their way inside and pull out your food items.

In addition to self-closing hinges on cabinets, you can also have them put on a regular door. If you would like to keep certain doors shut in your house, this is a good way to make sure they go back to the closed position once someone goes through. You won’t have too much of a problem finding self-closing hinges that match most regular doors as they are often made in all the same metals that you would find in your normal door hinges.

The key to replacing your current hinges with self-closing hinges is to try and find a self-closing hinge set that has the same holes as the hinges you already have. The more similar they are, the less work you have to do, as you may be able to just take off the old hinges, install the new hinges and enjoy the ingenuity. Just make sure someone helps you hold the door up while you make the change so you don’t cause undue stress on one side of the door while you are doing the installation.

While self-closing hinges are relatively easy to install and let do their job, they do need a little maintenance. They will last for years if they are periodically checked on and given oil, as needed.

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