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Every one of us has an orchid enthusiast or at least a plant fanatic in their entourage, right? Well here are the ten top gift ideas for these people. This should ease your pain when you have to choose a Christmas gift for that aunt in law you barely know of…

Orchid Stationary

Every respectable Botanical Garden will have orchid stationeries. If not, you can try specialised stationary online boutiques. You can even check at the American Orchid Society. In addition to the calendar they produce they also offer full stationary sets as well as individual note cards.

Orchid Paperweight

An encapsulated live orchid in clear polystone within the paperweight will make any orchid lover jealous! You can take a look at Orchids Asia, a Chinese Import company. Right now they have five different orchids you can choose from and since they are live flowers no two are identical…

Dried Orchids


Dried orchids are the most authentic orchid artwork there is to be found. Its a quick an inexpensive way to showcase your favourite plant at home! The RISIS company has a huge collection of authentic dried orchids that have been matted and framed.

Orchid Jewelry

The Real Flower Jewelry Company creates a huge collection of orchid jewelry made from real flowers! Dont woory, the orchids have been treated so they will last while retaining the natural appearances…

Orchid Scented Soap

Every orchid lover knows how flagrant orchids are. Therefore, an orchid scented soap is a great gift for someone looking to add a hint of orchid flagrance to their skin.

AOS 2007 Calendar

Every year the American Orchid Society offers a calendar with pictures from the very best orchids. The 24 page calendar has 12 images, one for each month, and a description of the particular species. At 12 dollars, its a very affordable gift.

Orchid Sculptures

Jere Slocums is an artist that creates metal orchid sculptures. He goes into the very details of the plant which makes his work astonishing. You can check out the Metal Orchids and Wildlife in Covington, LA, and youll soon be convinced.

In Vitro Orchids

I found out about in vitro orchids while I was in Costa Rica, I loved the thought of growing my own orchids from seedlings so much I brought several home for myself and for gifts. I found the best deal online at Tropic Joe’s Store where the in vitro orchids come in a pack of six assorted orchids for $50. Each baby orchid is in a clear glass bottle and set in nutrient rich gel that will feed it for up to a year after which you take them out and replant them. It will be a long time till the orchid begins blooming but how neat is it to see an orchid through from the beginning.

Orchid Artwork

There are a lot of artists who focus on orchids. Their price range may vary considerably, from low to very high end. On the low end, you might want to consider a site like AllPosters, it features a lot of work on orchids at an affordable price.

Orchid Magazine

This is for the more serious orchid gardeners. Orchid Magazines are packed full of illustrations, photographs, travel destinations, and gardening tips. A yearly subscription to the magazine can be bought for a couple of dollars. This ensures the gift will be enjoyed throughout the whole year! To start, I would recommend looking at the Orchid Digest Magazine.

About the Author: Timothy Haley has been growing orchids for more than 20 years. He is also an expert in orchids literature. He has read almost every book there is on the subject. You can get his free daily tips and advices when you sign in for his orchids care newsletter.


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