A hyd hose crimper, otherwise known as a hydraulic hose crimper, is a significant tool for any personnel working with hydraulics, pneumatics, or industrial settings. This tool has been designed to conjoin two pieces of hydraulic hose, either to create a new hose or to mend a damaged one. When it comes to selecting brands that stand out in the production of hydraulic hose crimpers, LW hydraulics is a name that comes into the picture due to its heavy-duty and high-performing tools.

The Fundamentals of a Hyd Hose Crimper

The hyd hose crimper makes use of intense pressure to compress the metal fitting onto the hydraulic hose creating a tight joint that blocks any leakage. The pressure applied by the crimper is in the form of a hydraulic force hence the name hydraulic hose crimper. An essential point to note when using the hyd hose crimper is that it is crucial to utilize the appropriate dies and settings based on the fitting and hose type to avoid damage and ensure the best results.

Why LW hydraulics

When it comes to the manufacture of hyd hose crimpers, LW hydraulics stands out. The company is famous for producing hydraulic tools that exude superior performance, durability, and versatility. Their hydraulic hose crimpers are easy to use, have excellent adaptability, and are known to provide perfect and reliable crimps every time they are used.

Components of a Hyd Hose Crimper

A typical hyd hose crimper consists of a pump, a die cage, a pusher, and a base. These parts work together to ensure a seamless crimping process. The pump generates the required pressure used in crimping the hydraulic hoses. The die cage, on the other hand, is inserted into the crimper and performs the actual crimping on the hose. The pusher supports the die cage by pushing it against the hose. The base of the crimper houses these components and acts as a platform for placement of the hydraulic hose during crimping.

Operation of a Hyd Hose Crimper

First, ensure you have the correct die for your hose and fitting. Secure the fitting and hose in position. Place the die in the crimper. Apply pressure using the pump, which in turn exerts it on the die to effectively crimp the hydraulic hose. Then, release the pressure and remove the newly crimped hose.

Key Features of LW Hydraulics’ Hyd Hose Crimper

One of the key features of LW hydraulics hyd hose crimper includes precision settings, which allow users to execute correct and accurate crimps. This is very significant in preventing any hydraulic system failures due to incorrect crimping. The crimpers also offer excellent versatility, being adequate for various types of fittings and hoses. LW hydraulics’ hose crimpers are also renowned for their outstanding durability, resulting from high-quality manufacturing standards and materials.


In conclusion, the hyd hose crimper is a crucial tool for anyone working in a field that involves the use of hydraulics. It offers a practical and efficient way of joining and repairing hydraulic hoses. When considering a brand, LW hydraulics stands out with high-performing, durable, and versatile hose crimpers, ensuring reliable and perfect crimps every time.