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byAlma Abell

If you have an elderly friend or family member who you are concerned about living by themselves, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands look into the services of home health care aids or companion care services to give them the peace of mind they need. Not only will you be more confident about them getting the help they need when they need it most, you can rest assured that they are being provided with attentive, personalized care from the comfort of their own home. If you need to better understand how this companion service works, here are some of the basics you should know.

Meal Preparation AssistanceCompanion care extends beyond simply providing medication reminders and assisting with any health-related concerns. A highly trained aid will be able to provide assistance with everyday necessities, including preparing meals and maintaining a balanced nutrition. Some caregivers are even trained by professional cooks, making them true experts when it comes to preparing healthy, balanced meals.

Around the HouseYour loved one may not be able to tend to their home like they once could, but that doesn’t mean that their surroundings should suffer. Companion care services can provide them assistance with duties like light cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping to keep their household looking and feeling just how they like it. While the patient can still stay actively involved in the tasks that they’re used to carrying out, they’ll have the help of an attentive caregiver should they need assistance at any point. It’s the ideal way to help them maintain a significant level of independence.

Getting AroundA caregiver will also be able to provide transportation and accompaniment to various appointments, including beauty services, doctor visits and pharmacy trips. Simply getting out of the house every now and again is something that we all should be able to enjoy into our golden years, and these services will allow your loved one to do just that. While hiring a caregiver can sometimes be a little daunting, by doing your homework and choosing a professional, caring service – you can rest assured that your beloved friend or family member is truly in good hands.

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