Using a Penis Skin Creme What Men Should Know about Caring for the Penis


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From the time an adolescent boy discovers the joys of masturbation, the skin of the penis starts to take a real beating, sometimes on a daily (or several-times-daily) basis. While the penis skin can be tougher than it looks, all of this rough handling can take its toll, and ongoing problems may result without attention to appropriate penis skin care. Being well-informed about common penis skin problems can help men of all ages to avoid issues such as loss of sensitivity, structural damage to the penis, or a coarse, unpleasant appearance.

Some common issues that can affect penis health

Fungal and bacterial infections Because microorganisms such as yeast, tinea cruris (the fungus responsible for athlete s foot and jock itch) and many types of bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, the groin area is prime real estate for these invaders. While they are almost always present on the skin, they generally do not cause problems, unless injury or skin imbalances trigger them into a rapid growth phase. When this occurs, men can experience unpleasant symptoms such as swelling, redness, rash, and intense itching of the penis skin. In some cases, such as when a yeast infection develops, a whitish, chunky discharge may also be present.


Maintaining normal pH balance and keeping the skin s surface intact through moisturizing and proper nutrition of the skin may help to prevent minor skin infections. In addition, natural antibacterials like vitamin A may help to limit the presence of bacterial invaders on the skin s surface.

Thickening and toughening of the penis skin The main function of the skin on all parts of the body, including the penis, is to protect what is underneath from the world outside. One way it accomplishes this is to react to stress (such as friction, irritation or injury) by forming a protective layer of keratin wherever these issues occur. In other words, damaged skin fights back by forming a tougher outer layer, which does help to protect the skin but also interferes with tactile sensation. In terms of the penis, frequent masturbation, aggressive sex, or irritation or injury to the skin s surface can cause a callus-like layer of skin to form. This may impair sensory function of the penis, leading to loss of penis sensation and a corresponding reduction in sexual pleasure.

Keeping the skin soft and supple through regular use of a high-quality moisturizer can help to eliminate much of this problem. Nutrients such as vitamins A and C, which are needed for the formation of healthy skin and connective tissue, may also help to preserve supple and responsive penis skin.

Scarring around the erectile tissue Traumatic injury to the penis, or even chronic overuse may stimulate the formation of scarring in the connective tissue that surrounds the erectile chambers of the penis. When this occurs, the affected area does not expand in the same manner as the surrounding tissue. Therefore, when an erection forms, the scar tissue creates a bowstring effect, pulling and bending the penis. This can be considerably painful, as well as impairing the ability to engage in intercourse, and it may result in loss of sexual function. In cases where the penis is visibly deformed in the presence of an erection, Peyronie s disease may be diagnosed. While surgical correction of the condition is possible, the net result may be ongoing loss of erectile function.

Preventing injury to the penis related to aggressive sex and keeping the skin in overall healthy condition may help to deter the formation of scar tissue. Keeping the skin well-oxygenated, enhancing its natural lubricant qualities and boosting the healing properties of the skin cells through adequate skin nutrition can be instrumental in this process.

The benefits of a penis health cr me

A high-quality penis health cr me (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) contains essential nutrients that are needed for penis health. Vitamins A and C are especially important in maintaining a smooth, responsive tone and texture, while vitamin C supports circulatory function for health oxygenation of the skin cells. Amino acids such as L-arginine are needed for cell metabolism and support of healthy nerve tissue, while natural moisturizers such as shea butter and vitamin E work to preserve adequate hydration of the skin. Applying these nutrients to the skin on a daily basis may have numerous benefits in terms of keeping the skin healthy and attractive and preventing injuries that may lead to long-term problems.

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Using a Penis Skin Creme What Men Should Know about Caring for the Penis