The view of what factors are involved in the cause of acne has undergone changes over the recent decade. A better understanding of the causes of acne is instrumental in determining the best acne remedy for any individual case. Factors that were widely considered to be the cause of acne in the past have not always been found to have as large of an impact on the breakouts as was previously thought. For example, acne is not caused by dirty skin. The cause is much more complicated than just simple lack of personal hygiene. Here are some of the factors that affect acne and its severity.


Previously, the role of heredity in the incidence of acne and the severity of the lesions has been somewhat in question. More recent research, however has pointed out that the genetic factor is not one which can be ignored in an acne remedy. The research has verified that not only does a family history of acne mean a greater incidence of acne lesions, but the onset of acne is likely to be younger and more severe. Further, there is a positive correlation between family incidence of acne and therapeutic difficulties in treating the lesions effectively.


Another primary factor in the cause of is the hormone levels in the body. Puberty is a time of tremendous changes in almost every organ of the body, as well as the hormonal levels. The increase of hormones, usually in early puberty have a strong positive correlation with the breakouts of acne blemishes on the skin of the face, shoulders and sometimes back of the adolescent. An acne remedy that controls the hormonal level is very effective in some patients. In fact, birth control pills have been proved to be effective and are sometimes used in the treatment of acne lesions.


Although cleanliness is important in an effective acne remedy, it is important to note that acne is not caused by dirt. This is a myth that is still stressed by some people who are undoubtedly well meaning, but not necessarily helpful. Use a gentle and regular cleansing routine regularly on your complexion for the overall health of your skin. Treatments with a mild soap, products that contain salicylic acid, and for more stubborn cases, benzoyl peroxide to dry up the lesions and provide a gentle moisturizing action are most likely to provide positive relief for the personal suffering from adolescent acne. Blackheads associated with acne are not caused by dirt plugging up the hair follicle, but rather by pigment in the skin.


Another old wives tale that has been debunked is the belief that there is a direct cause and effect link between foods such as chocolate and the incidence and severity of acne lesions. An avoidance of such foods may be healthful for other reasons, but avoiding chocolate or other fatty foods will not guarantee an acne remedy. Eat healthfully, for the sake of your body’s health, but don’t expect dietary considerations to totally remove the scourge of acne.