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Tod Martin Women who are unhappy with their breasts size can sometimes feel inadequate or have low self esteem. However with advances in technology, women can now feel better about their bodies. There are a few types of operations like breast reconstruction and breast surgery. Before you decide what is best for you, research all the breast surgery procedures, risks, etc. Breast enlargement is one of the most well-known kinds of breast surgery. This surgery is when breast implants are inserted to increase a woman’s chest size. Many women who have a small chest often get this type of surgery. Breast reconstruction is another form of breast surgery. This is where the surgeon will place implants into the chest and restructure the breasts. There are two types of breast implants to consider – silicone and saline. Silicone is very popular and gives a very natural appearance. Saline breast implants are newer in the market and have a fluid in them that can also be found in the body. If you have had extreme weight loss, were pregnant or are mature in age – a breast lift may be a good option to try. A breast lift can elevate your breasts to the correct proportions. The surgeon pulls the tissue upwards and pins it in place. Although this surgery is not as extensive as the other two, a resting period is recommended. If you are considering having breast surgery, gastric bypass surgery, breast augmentation, breast implants, or a breast lift, Blue Water Surgical Centre can help. The Blue Water Surgical Centre is a professional medical centre that specializes in cosmetic surgeries. Their staff is dedicated to making patients feel comfortable and safe throughout the cosmetic process. They can help enhance your outer beauty and inner beauty. Visit the Blue Water Surgical Centre online at: more information.

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