Are your teeth sensitive to cold drinks or food? Do you experience intermittent paid or sensitivity? A visit to the dentist can save you unnecessary pain and hundreds of dollars. Instead of waiting until you have a problem with your mouth to see the dentist, it can always benefit you to schedule regular appointments to prevent problems and catch any issues before they become severe. There are a few different tooth aches that you should be aware of because they could be part of a serious problem.

Sharp and Sporadic Tooth Sensitivity


If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain, it could be due simple to sensitive gums. Or, it could the result of a more serious problem. Tooth pain or sensitivity when drinking hot liquids or food could mean that you may have a cavity. This could also be the result of a tooth decay or abscess. Gum recession can also be a factor of tooth sensitivity.

Lingering Toothache

If you experience a tooth pain that is long-lasting, this could mean that you have nerve damage. This could be the result of tooth decay, grinding your teeth, or injury to your teeth.

Intense Tooth Pain and Swollen Face

If you have a swollen face accompanied by severe pain, these are leading symptoms for a tooth abscess or infection.

Difficulty Eating

Being unable to chew your food without pain could signify that you may have a tooth decay or a crack in one of your teeth. These can form into serious cavities if they are not given dental attention.

Your dentist can provide you with more information regarding what could be causing you tooth pain after taking x-rays and examining your mouth. A dentist can tell you what kind of tooth ache you have and why you are suffering from it. An office can handle TMJ pain & treatment in New York.