By Todd Herman

SMS marketing has become a souvenir for business organization, as it pays them in the long run. Many organizations have been using these services for promotion of their retail and hospitality services, especially at the time of vacations, season sales and festivals. These services have certainly given a huge boost to the economy of sellers, whose business will hugely depend on the promotional activity and the volume of clients.

Many restaurants, cosmetic companies, apparels chains, and online promoters sell their service at the season sale. Their target is to reach many customers in one go, and luckily every second person can be their potential customer. Mobile marketing is coming up with positive sale and growth for organizations and further predicting an increase in their annual sales. Holidays, Christmas, birthday’s ad anniversaries are appropriate time to draw customers to their services. Bulk messaging is the only inexpensive medium, which can promote primary and secondary sales for the organization.

People these days, would not like to be disturbed with promotional calls, but at the same time would also like to receive updates, especially when it comes to discounts and offers. SMS messaging, also known as a text message promotion is a highly targeted advertising and marketing application, centering the customers who can be interested in the brand.


These text messages include informational messages, intimation of sale and products on discounts, also discount coupons, which has been a common interest. These coupon codes are distributed as encrypted codes and then distributed through social networks like Face book, Orkut, Linked In and Twitter. These mobile marketing strategies can build mass awareness for the brands, influence consumer opinion and increase the product and brand sale.

A rich database is the foundation of any text messaging, as it will build your clientele. Many companies who conduct surveys, or require feedbacks or general voting from public, also take help of text marketing. A short scanning code or a QR code is equipped with reading software’s to convert the codes into textual displays. Once the database is established then it is the sole choice of the business company to send them according to their promotional requirement. Setting reminders to revive the textual information in the readers mind can also increase the sale, so a textual messaging frequency should be decided.

Everyday a mobile user receives multiple messaging texts, but it is not necessary that they will read all the promotions or register them. Certain SMS providers also have an option for customers to decide when and how they would like to receive promotional messages. A reliable source of Marketing database needs to be created for targeting potential clients. The client’s feedback is very important for reviews of any scheme or offer, so marketing organizations can also opt for free reply back messages to their customers.

With increasing competition and awareness among the consumers, enchasing right opportunity is very important. Promoting your brand and setting up repeated reminders to the clients will help in increasing sales and interest of the clients. Mobile marketing solutions strengthen the business strategies and even replace affiliate marketing. Even a customer care official can help in assorting the database into positive and standby contacts. SMS Marketing is a big benefit for customers and the company, as both will receive the benefit from this sort of marketing.

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